21 Fun Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas And Football Activities (2024)

Easy kid-friendly super bowl party ideas that work for tailgating party activities, too! These are fun kids activities and football-themed games for kids and adults to add to your party plan for Super Bowl Sunday or American football themes.

21 Fun Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas And Football Activities (1)

Best Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas For Fun Family Football Parties

Here’s a list of fun Super Bowl games for all ages, fun tailgate party ideas, and ideas for things to do at a kid-friendly super bowl watch party to keep the kids from getting bored and let the grown ups watch the football game!

How do you make the Super Bowl fun for kids?

  • Play football BINGO with fun football-themed prizes
  • Decorate football brownies or football shaped rice crispy treats
  • Have a touchdown dance-off and vote on winners at the end of the game (and give football prizes or trophies)
  • Have a football theme craft table full of football crafts for kids and adults
  • Play pin the football on the goal post
  • Head outside at half time for a game of flag football or football-themed cornhole for a little friendly competition
  • Have a timed Super Bowl word scramble
  • Play Rate The Commercials and vote for the best Super Bowl commercials
  • Host a paper football challenge
  • Wear your favorite team’s colors and have a jersey challenge
  • Make DIY pom-poms for cheering on your favorite team
  • Have a football bounce challenge
  • Host a mini football toss
  • Have the kids plan and put on their own halftime show!

See the full list of super bowl party games and football activity ideas below!

21 Fun Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas And Football Activities (2)

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21 Fun Kids’ Super Bowl Activities Or Kids’ Football Party Ideas

Fun kid friendly things for football parties all year and fun ways to spend game time for sports watch parties!

Creative Activities For A Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party:

Football Toss

Set up a mini football toss game using hula hoops as targets.

Kids can take turns throwing soft footballs (like a foam football) through the hoops.

Mouthguard Funny Word Game

  1. Before the party, write a football related word on index cards (one word per card).
  2. Divide players into teams.
  3. Designate a timer judge who keeps the time and judges
  4. Give each player their own mouthguard (like this).
  5. On the team’s turn, the READER draws one card and reads the word. (Don’t say it out loud!)
  6. On Go! The player puts in their mouthguard and has 60 seconds (use your phone timer) to try to describe the word with the mouthguard in without saying the word. For example, the if the word is “football” the reader may say “thrown in the game.” If a teammate gets it, the READER draws another cards and describes the new word to see how many cards they can get through in 60 seconds.
  7. If a teammate doesn’t guess the first word in 60 seconds, the other team can steal.
  8. Play rotates back and forth between teams until all cards are used.
  9. Team with most cards at the end wins!

Jersey Relay

  1. Divide kids into teams with even numbers of kids on each side of the room facing each other.
  2. Each team member wears a team jersey, and they must race to a designated to their teammate across the room (or the yard if you have nice weather!), take off the jersey, and pass it to the next teammate.
  3. The next teammate must put on the jersey and then race to the next teammate across the room (or yard) and repeat the process of taking off the jersey and handing it to the next racer.
  4. The team who completes the last teammate wins.

Football Obstacle Course

Create a football-themed obstacle course with cones, tunnels, and mini hurdles.

Time the kids as they navigate through the course or divide into teams and race to see who finishes first.

Give super bowl trophies or medals to the winners.

Super Bowl TikTok Station or Photo Booth

Have tweens or teens at your party?

Set up a TikTok/social media station orphoto booth with props like footballs, jerseys, foam fingers, referee shirts, football props signs, and helmets for fun photo sessions.

(I love this football photo backdrop for party pics!)

Touchdown Dance-Off

Kids take turns showcasing their best touchdown dances.

Audience members hold up score cards to mark their scores. The dancer with the best score at the end wins!

DIY Pom-Poms Craft

Provide materials like popsicle sticks, yarn in team colors, and glue for kids to make their own pom-poms.

They can then cheer on their favorite team during the game!

Football Tic-Tac-Toe

Make tic-tac-toe boards (with plain paper and a marker) and use mini footballs and mini football helmets to play a game of tic-tac-toe.

You can even have Tic-Tac-Toe tournaments!

Super Bowl Bingo

Create bingo cards with football-related images or terms.

Kids mark off items as they see or hear them during the game.

Create Your Team Mascot

Provide random craft materials (or a craft set like this) and kids can create their own team mascots.

Fun craft for kids of all ages or for adults to do with kids.

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Football Storytime Corner

Gather football-themed children’s books and make a reading corner with big pillows, blankets, easy puzzles, and even football coloring pages (or download some football free printables).

This also gives kids a quiet place to go if they’re feeling overwhelmed with all the loud cheering at a football party or don’t want to take part in any of the fun party games.

Super Bowl Commercials Bingo

Create bingo cards with football-related images or terms.

Kids mark off items as they see or hear them while watching the Super Bowl commercials.

Great way to keep kids from getting bored during commercial breaks, but super bowl commercial bingo is actually a fun football game for adults, too!

DIY Pennants

Kids can decorate their own pennants with team colors and logos to wave during the game.

Pick up a bunch of inexpensive DIY pennant flags like this and provide markers for decorating.

It’s a fun and easy football craft for kids and adults! (Plus, they get to go home with a cute football favor!)

Ring Toss with Footballs

Use inflatable footballs as the rings for a ring toss game.

Set up different point values for each target and award prizes for different points.


Quarterback Target Practice

Set up targets, and kids take turns pretending to be quarterbacks, throwing mini footballs to hit the targets.

Super Bowl Trivia

If you have older kids or want something for teens to do during the super bowl, create a trivia game with kid-friendly Super Bowl questions.

Award fun prizes for the most correct answers.

Super Bowl Memory Game

Create a memory game with pairs of cards featuring football-related images.

This is great for football games for younger kids and a way to keep little hands occupied during the party.

Super Bowl Charades / Football Charades

Create a list of football-related actions or players for a fun game of charades.

Great to play with teens and adults before the game starts, at halftime, or things to do after a football game when guests still want to hang out.

Football Scavenger Hunt

Hide small football-related items around the party area and have kids search for them. (Make some items easy to find and others harder to find.)

Give them clue cards and, if you have older kids in the group, this is an activity they can do on their own!

Have a fun grand prize at the end that they all can share.

Decorate Your Own Football Cookies Or Football Treats

Bake football-shaped cookies, and let the kids decorate them with icing and sprinkles.

Or, let them decorate their own rice krispie footballs like these.

Face Painting Station

Set up a face paint station with football-themed designs for kids to choose from or kids football tattoos like these.


Let us know if you have any favorite kid-friendly super bowl party ideas, football games and kids activities that you love and we’ll add them to our list!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please refer to our DISCLOSURE.

21 Fun Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas And Football Activities (2024)


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